Alternative Sports to Try in Sydney’s Inner West

Sesse frisbee

Source: Sesse / Wikimedia Commons

Want to mix up your exercise regime, or simply bored with your gym routine? In Sydney’s Inner West, there are a lot of alternative sports choices you can try. Here are a few that you can try this week…

Flag Gridiron

Flag gridiron is a co-ed, non-contact form of American football. With six to ten players per team, the game is played in two 20 minute-rounds. You can join as a team or an individual to the Urban Rec league, or to university teams in UTS or Sydney University.


Dragon Boat Racing

Originating in China, dragon boating is now one of the most popular water sports in Australia. Try out the sport by joining Pacific Dragons, ACCA or The Sloths in Pyrmont.


Ultimate Frisbee

This non-contact team sport is not only fun, but also inclusive and affordable. The game, which is self-refereed, can be played by single-sex or mixed teams. Find out how to play it at Inner West Ultimate in Tempe.



If you’ve tried gymnastics, challenge yourself by trying out circus workshops, which teach skills such as acrobatics, juggling, stilt walking, trapeze, unicycling, and hula hooping. You can find a course at Circus Arts in Homebush or Sydney Trapeze School in St Peters.