Best Sports for Kids

Introducing your child to sport can help build active physical routine and pave the way for lifelong fitness. However, if you have concerns about which sports are good and safe for your little one’s development, you’ve come to the right place. Here are three sports that your kid should try:


Swimming is a great low-impact exercise for every age – even babies and toddlers. You can arrange an organised lesson with your local club or allow your children unstructured free play (under observation).



Childhood is the perfect time to learn how to ride a bicycle. It is not only a useful lifelong skill, but it can also help improve leg strength, coordination and balance. Your little one can start with a tricycle, and then upgrade to a two-wheeler when s/he’s ready.


Ball Sports

Starting age 9, children have more developed coordination skills and thus become more suited for complex sports such as baseball, basketball, soccer or softball. These will help develop physical strength and teamwork skills