Campbell Brown Dog: Chihuahua Toes The Line Twice

If you’ve ever thought you had drawn the short straw with your pet then read on.

Now before hearing this story I thought there wasn’t really that much a tiny Chihuahua could do to ruin your day. Tear up a shoe? Damage some furniture? Urinate on your favourite rug? Sure, but attempting to digest their owner’s extremities was not even on my ‘imaginable’ list but here we are, with AFL Campbell Brown’s father in law sans two toes.


Somewhat horrified? So was I. It started one night about 2 years ago when ‘innocent’ little Sabel the Chihuahua decided to snack on her male owner’s big right toe instead of finding something more suited to her canine dietary requirements. To add to the chaos, Cambell reported that Tom, his father in law, suffered from diabetes which reduces the feeling in his feet, hence preventing him from stopping the massacre in time. Instead Tom reportedly woke up to a bloody bed, a lot of confusion and a gnawed big toe.

So an ambulance trip, 2 week hospital stay with a side of amputation and skin grafts later, an understandably irritated Tom suggested they put the dog down. His wife however, rejected the suggestion.

Now fast forward through 2 years of relative inactivity from dear Sabel struck again and so the cycle started again. A bloody bed, missing toe, hospital run full of skin grafts surgery, Tom had now dealt with the intense pain twice. Despite this however, Sabel will not be put down but word has it that they’ll be sending her to another home, preferably far away from Tom’s remaining toes.