Coaching: A 101 Guide

Coaching can be a great way to earn income and share your love of sport with others. What’s more rewarding than helping people build their skills and being paid? However, some things need to be considered before posting an ad or proceeding with the job. Here are some matters you need to know before coaching:

Background Check

If you will be coaching children, it is important to get your criminal background check ready. This is to ensure that you have the clearance to work with children safely.

Sport Science and Injury Prevention

You may know the proper skills, tactics, trainings and strategies needed to thrive in the sport, but it’s also important to learn about injury prevention and management to ensure the safety of the participants.

Communication Basics

To be a competent coach, supportive relationship with the athletes must be built. Coaches should learn the basics of communication to boost athletes’ morale, encourage maximum participation as well as fair play and team harmony, provide constructive criticisms and help manage frustrations and challenges.