Golf: Lexi Thompson to Take Three Weeks Off after Blindsiding Penalty and Loss

Lexi Thompson will be taking three weeks off after her LPGA debacle on Sunday, where a blindsiding penalty cost her four strokes.

Thompson was three strokes ahead and on her way to the 13th tee during the final round when she was informed that she had been penalized for an infraction in the previous round.

Source: @lexi / Instagram

The infraction was reported by a television viewer through email, who said Thompson did not put her ball back in the correct position on the 17th green. After an investigation consisting of video review, Thompson was penalized two strokes for an incorrect ball placement and two strokes for an incorrect scorecard.

Despite the shocking news, the 22-year-old continued on her playoff against So Yeon Ryu. Ryu birdied the first hole to win the LPGA Tour’s first major of the year.

Despite being blindsided, Thompson said she holds no resentment towards the officials.

“I don’t want anything that happened yesterday to take away from Seo Yun’s victory,” Thompson said on Instagram. “The LPGA rules officials made a judgment call at the moment, and we as professional golfers must accept it, no matter how painful it is.

“What happened was not intentional at all, I would never do that purposely.”