Kayaking: A Brief History

Did you ever wonder who has gotten the farthest in a kayak? His name is Aleksander Doba of Poland, who, in 2011, sea kayaked across the breadth of the Atlantic Ocean in 98 days, 23 hours, 42 minutes, and holds the record for this journey.

There are many in Australia who adventure in a similar fashion in their kayaks. In 2007, a former Australian “Adventurer of the Year” Andrew McAuley attempted the relatively short (1,000 mile) crossing of the very wild Tasman Sea, from Tasmania to New Zealand. In 29 days he got to within one day – 30 miles – of Milford Sound, New Zealand where his wife and young son waited on the beach for him. He disappeared on that last day; his boat would be found, but never any sign of McAuley.

His wife, Vicki, who was waiting for him with their young son on on the shore. She completed his autobiography which contains his last recordings made from the kayak.

In late 2007 a pair of young Australians – James Castrission and Justin James – successfully crossed the Tasman Sea in a custom-built, double-kayak, in 62 days.

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