MMA: ONE Championship Overhauls Weigh-In Rules, Abolishes Weight-Cutting

A martial arts championship has overhauled its weigh-in system, allowing athletes to forego weight-cutting by dehydration.

With new rules, ONE Championship encourages athletes compete at their natural weight by limiting unsafe practices such as forced dehydration.

“ONE Championship’s revolutionary weigh-in system discourages athletes from cutting weight by dehydration since athletes have to make weight and pass the hydration exam on three consecutive days,” said the competition’s physician Dr Warren Wang.

Wang said while limiting fluid intake before competition is a common practice in other sports organisations, it could put athletes’ health at risk and diminish their performance.

“By competing at their walking weight, ONE Championship athletes only have to face the opponent across the cage and not have to battle with the weight cut days before the competition,” said Wang.

He believed other organisations should follow suit. “Too often we have incidents of athletes who have extreme difficulty from tough weight cuts, and it is time we stop this practice.”