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Olympics: Golf Club Must Admit Women or Lose 2020 Tokyo Games

The club set to host golf for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games must allow women to become full members or organisers will find another venue, International Olympic Committee (IOC) vice president John Coates said.

The private Kasumigaseki Country Club in Saitama, which has been booked to host men’s and women’s games in July and August 2020, prohibits women from playing on Sundays and having full memberships.

Kasumigaseki Country Club. Source: Golfnewsnet

“We made quite clear that there has to be gender equality,” Coates told Reuters at the Asian Winter Games in Sapporo on Monday. “If they can’t achieve the gender equality then we have to get another course, but the organisers are very confident that they will.”

Coates said while the final budget for the games has not been confirmed, it should be resolved this year, and the amount would be far below the forecasted-3 trillion yen. “The costs that were being speculated were vastly over-speculated,” Coates said.

“We haven’t yet accepted a final budget. [It should be worked out] on this forthcoming visit or the one after.”

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