Olympics Prediction | Country to Win most Gold Medals my Pick

Olympics Betting Prediction | Which Country at the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics will win the most medals?

I know that patriotism is the primary research for most people betting on the Olympics. However, at this time I will put my money ahead of my country. Which country will I place my bet on to win the most Gold Medals? The United States usually dominates the Olympics with the exception of China taking home more Gold Medals in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. In fact, in 2008 it was not even close as the Chinese ended up with 51 Gold Medals. Which were 15 more than the United States. However, even though China did end up with more Gold Medals than the United States, the US still finished first in overall medals. In 2012 China once again finished second to the United States in overall medals with 88 as compared to the United States with 103 overall medals.

How many athletes will participate and in how many sports?

Taking a look at the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics Games, there are some sports where the United States is such a large favorite that the Gold Medal is a certainty. An example would be the men’s and women’s Olympic Basketball medal. Michael Phelps should be wearing a lot of new gold jewelry when he leaves Rio. These are big name events but, China has provided itself an opportunity to compete with the United States for total Gold Medals by being competitive in numerous other events. A Gold Medal in Badminton counts just as much as a Gold Medal in Basketball. In 2012 a total of 396 Chinese athletes, 171 men and 225 women competed for the Olympics team. This was the largest delegation in Olympics history. Take a look at some of the medals won by China in 2012 and you will see a lot of sports that do not get a lot of attention in the United States. They won; 12 medals in gymnastics, 10 in diving, 8 in badminton (a country can only get two for basketball), and 6 for table tennis.

Who is favored to win the most Gold Medals in 2016 Rio Olympics

So, who are the favorites to win the most Gold Medals in the 2016 Summer Olympics Games in Rio? Well, there are only two Countries that have a chance. The United States is 2/13 and China is 4/1. If you bet on the US you will have to bet $13 to win $2. Those are not the type of odds I find it worth my time to bother with. The second pick and only Country with a realistic chance of winning the Gold Medal count is China at 4 to 1. For this bet if you wagered $1 on China you would be rewarded with $4 in your pocket. Who am I betting on? China….I know, not very patriotic of me. But, I have a few reasons for doing so.

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My 2016 Rio Olympics Gold Medal Prediction & bet

One is the odds that make China the only viable bet on the table. It is not a bet I would take if I did not see an opportunity of winning. What I am about to say will upset some people but I really don’t care. There are a few reasons to bet on China such as the the Olympic doping scandal that has engulfed Russia. As far as I am concerned the Chinese are no cleaner than the Russians, they are just better at not getting caught. Now the doped up Chinese athletes won’t have to compete with the doped up Russian athletes. Another reason is that the Chinese Government will not hesitate to send its’ people into garbage filled waters or into an area that is infested with mosquitoes that have the Zika virus. Much like the Russians, they will do everything to win for national pride. The US athletes on the other hand can just take a look at the environment and say I am not participating.

My 2016 Olympics Prediction for most Gold Medals: China at 4 to 1

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