Racing: Michelle Payne Gets One Month Suspension for Drug Use

Source: Ross Holburt/Racing Photos

Jockey Michelle Payne has received a one-month racing ban after pleading guilty to using appetite suppressing drug.

Source: Ross Holburt/Racing Photos

The 31-year-old tested positive to Phentermine at the Swan Hill Cup, and was stood down from riding on June 23. Phentermine is a prohibited substance under Australian Rule of Racing 81B.

Payne’s legal spokesman said her doctor prescribed Phentermine to treat Payne’s gastrointestinal problem after an injury at Mildura in May last year, although Payne admitted she used the drug “from time to time” to maintain her weight level as well.

“I would like to take full responsibility and had I have known it would still be my system, and I would be riding with a banned substance in my system, I wouldn’t be riding,” she said.

“I’m embarrassed and I’m sorry for that.”

Payne will be able to return to racing on July 21.