Soccer: Arsenal Loses 3-0 to Crystal Palace

Arsenal’s hope to get in Premier League’s top four has been crushed following the humiliating 3-0 loss to Crystal Palace on Monday at Selhurst Park.

Palace’s Andros Townsend opened the scoring at the 17th minute, followed by Yohan Cabeye’s loop shot and Luka Milivojevic’s penalty goal.

Source: ESPN

Now positioned at the sixth place, this match marks Arsenal’s fourth consecutive defeats away from home.

Palace manager Sam Allardyce said his team took advantage of the Gunners’ weak defence. “Tactically the players were aware of how to beat Arsenal… Arsenal have been weak defensively, they leave the centre-backs exposed,” Allardyce told Sky News.

“We all know Arsenal are going through their worst spell for years, but the only way to take advantage is by playing well. Everything worked perfectly for us today.”

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger said the loss was “damaging” to the Gunners’ chance for Champions League next season. “I understand our fans are disappointed and we all are deeply tonight. It’s very worrying and disappointing the way we lost the game,” said Wenger. “Palace were sharp, they beat Chelsea the other day, and that shows they have quality.”

The defeat sparks another debate for fans about Wenger’s ability to win Arsenal another title.

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