Soccer: Guardiola Fined for Wearing Yellow Ribbon in Support of Catalan Politicians

Manchester City’s manager Pep Guardiola has been fined £20,000 for wearing a yellow ribbon as an “act of defiance”, according to an Independent Commission by the Football Association.

In a statement, the FA said it had sent the Spaniard “numerous warning letters” about the ribbon, which the Commission deemed “clearly symbolis[ing] a political message”.

Guardiola had been wearing the ribbon since October to show support for four imprisoned politicians in his home community Catalonia, who had been charged with rebellion and sedition following the region’s declaration of independence.

The FA also issued a formal warning to Manchester City for failing to pass on the correspondence to the team’s boss.

Last month, Guardiola said he would continue wearing the ribbon despite the warnings and charges, claiming the symbol was “not about politicians, it’s about democracy”.

The Commission concluded that Guardiola’s actions “were considered an act of defiance against the backdrop of repeated warnings” issued on February 8 and 19.

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