Unique Workout Activities in Sydney

We think we are unique here (in Sydney), and so we want you to know about kayaking tours, a widely accepted pastime throughout the world, but definitely in Sydney Harbor. There is truly no mystery, what with kayaking as a low-impact exercise, and fun too!

So we do rowing to raise your endurance, develop strength, balance, and flexibility, plus stabilize your core and tone your muscles. Kayaking is a great, relatively low-impact form of exercise. Paddling helps to develop strength and endurance, as well as flexibility and balance, not to mention core stability and muscle tone. If and when you keep up a good pace, it is an excellent cardio workout.

As for the boxing, in Sydney you can take part in a Sunday morning Kayak and Boxing group, you would spend two hours in a Group Fitness on Middle Harbour, led a Kayak Instructor / Personal Trainer, involving training in a kayak between two small beaches, as well as a 30 minute boxing and leg strengthening workout on the beach. This certainly is a unique way to experience Sydney and an activity that not every location in world can enjoy.

Speaking of strength, like in any type of workout, it is important to take care of and strengthen the muscles and joints that are used for your sport of choice to help prevent injury. In the case of kayaking, some other pluses in toning your muscles, apart from preventing injury, are to get a better yield from increasing the power in your paddling; building up endurance, so you can take longer kayaking journeys; and noting resistance training can also help to develop your balance, coordination, and increased body awareness, known as proprioception.

Pro Tip: Muscle Activation and Avoiding Injury

Proprioception is important, so you have a sense of which muscles you utilize or should utilize during certain paddle strokes. When you play Kayak Netball or are involved in Kayak Sprint Training, proprioception is important as bodies are pushed to their limits. Correct muscle utilization may prevent injury. A professional can prove to you that sometimes even the smallest correction makes a world of difference in your health and your kayaking performance.